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3 Ways You Can Print Photos

Photo by sarandy westfall on Unsplash

We’re well into the digital age, which means we all have the ability to snap millions of photos on our phones and save them into folders on hard drives. This is great, sure, but a digital file will never replace the feeling of holding a printed photo in your hands. Photos should be hung in your home, given as gifts, and cherished for generations.

We deliver digital files for clients to use how they want, but we always HOPE that our clients are printing some or all the photos. We’re often asked where the best place is to print photos – high quality but not breaking the bank. While we can print for you, it’s usually faster and less expensive to do it yourself. Here are three ways we recommend printing.

1. Go local! We live in Flemington and often work with Bob, the owner of Black Lab Studio & Imaging, located right on Main Street. You can upload and order through his website or pop in if you have any questions. Not near Flemington? Search for a local lab near you.

2. Online labs. We’ve used too many to count and have narrowed it down to our two favorite online labs: Richard Photo Lab and Metal & Paper Pro. We’ve never had a bad experience with ordering and the quality is always great. Richard Photo Lab is a bit more prestigious with a rich history, while Metal & Paper Pro tends to be more user-friendly.

3. Walgreens. Sometimes it’s just easier to use a chain drug store, and of all the ones we’ve tried, Walgreens is the best bang for your buck. You can send them online or easily hook up your phone or USB drive to their kiosk. The quality isn’t like from a real lab, but it’s usually just fine in a frame.

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