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Lifestyle Newborn Session: What to Expect

The ins and outs of what to expect during your newborn photoshoot, like what to wear, what happens if your baby is fussy, and how to prepare your home.

In the days after you give birth, you shouldn't have to worry about anything other than taking care of your new baby. And while it's important to capture the early moments on camera, it's equally important that you and your baby are comfortable. That's why we focus so much on keeping things simple for you. Here's what you can expect.

Before the Birth

Whether you schedule with us or someone else, it's so important to understand the photographer's style and if it's in line with yours. We exclusively shoot newborn photos in our clients' homes, styled but not overly posed. If we're fit, let's move on!

We schedule our photoshoots as close to the 2-3 week mark post-delivery date. Once we're booked the single most important thing to do is remember to send us a quick note that you had the baby (no, seriously!!!!). While lifestyle photos don't require we shoot within the first week or so after birth, some moms want a few of the squishy pictures and so we reschedule to earlier. On the flip side, we need to make sure baby is born and at least a week old before we shoot (hey moms who went 40+ weeks).

We also ask our clients to share any specific photos they are looking for so we can be prepared and our new parents are happy. This might be sharing a Pinterest board or scheduling a call to talk through ideas, neither of which you'll want to worry about after your little one arrives. For example, we had a new mom request that we include a few solo photos of her son and her husband in his Army fatigues, but the rest of the photos were up to us for styling. We knew the baby needed to be asleep for the specific photo she wanted, so we were able to plan accordingly, and the photos turned out gorgeous.

Finally, we ask that you think through which rooms we'll be photographing in. You can send us photos if you're unsure, we can talk about it on a call, or if you feel comfortable, we can just show up on day of and choose.

What to Wear

This is the biggest question we always get, and I say it over and over, it's easy to overthink it. At the end of the day, the single most important thing to consider: are you comfortable in the outfit(s) you plan to wear? If you are, great, but if you aren't, it will 100% show on camera. Since this is lifestyle photography, we strongly advise against matching outfits, like everyone in white polos and jeans - it doesn't come off as natural. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't coordinate! You should shy away from too many bold colors, all black, and colors that blend/match your walls. For some reason, patterns have a bad reputation, but some of our favorite photos include dads in plaid and moms in stripes.

As for baby, whatever your heart desires other than really dark onesies will look great. Again, it's about comfort and fit - we know parents receive or purchase special outfits before the baby is born, but if it's too big, the photos will show that. We always bring a few muslin wraps in neutral colors and muted blues/pinks and we encourage a few photos in white onesies - they are just precious.

The Photo Session

While lifestyle photos don't require your baby to be asleep the whole time, it definitely helps! You'll want to get your little one as full and sleepy as possible, so aim to feed him or her about 30 minutes before we are set to start. Here is the thing: you know your baby's schedule, and if they sleep right after eating, you can wait until we're there. If it takes an hour for your baby to settle down, feed accordingly. And, if your baby decides they want to be awake for their first time in the spotlight, that's ok!

For a standard session, we will be with you for between 2-3 hours, depending on feeding breaks, diaper changes and cooperation from your little one. We focus on 2-4 rooms in your home, usually nursery, master bedroom and living room. We'll evaluate this first thing and figure out where to start based on the light. We might move some furniture around, turn off interior lights, and use some of our own blankets, though most of the time we use what you have on hand.

We've seen it all - a baby pooping on a white couch, a little one refusing to sleep, lots of screams - and no matter how much it seems like we aren't getting good photos, WE ARE! We will let you know if we have to stay a bit longer, at no charge, to capture the right moments. It's easy to stress over this, and we've seen it a lot. We're here to say - please don't! It always works out.

After the Photoshoot

We'll go through all the photos and within 15 days, we'll share a gallery with you of lightly edited versions of the best photos. You will choose your favorites to reach the total that come with the package, and within 15 days, we will deliver your final digital photos.

Any other questions, email us and we'll help you with anything and everything to make sure your newborn session is a success.

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