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Lifestyle or Studio Newborn Photos: Which is Right for You?

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

From location to the style of photos you end up with, you should know the difference before you book.

The Basics

Lifestyle and studio photography are two distinct and equally beautiful types of newborn photography. Before booking a session, you should figure out which best suits your style. Do you prefer natural photos in your home, or do you like backdrops and props? Are you interested in being in any of the photos, or is the focus mostly on the baby? Here are a few differences to help you figure out your best fit.


Often in your home or a location special to you, lifestyle photography captures the precious moments between you and your new baby. Photographers usually rely on natural light and identify photo ops when they arrive at your home. This requires new parents to have a few places that can serve as photo locations, like the nursery, master bedroom and living room. Babies can be a little older than studio photos, as it's not as important that the baby sleeps the entire time. One of the top benefits for lifestyle photography is the comfort - new moms don't have to worry about leaving the house post-delivery with an infant. Perhaps the most important difference, though, is the type of photo you end up with. Lifestyle photos show off the intimate moments between new parents and their baby, like mom holding the newborn in her rocking chair, or a full family photo on the bed with the dog.


In-studio photos, also referred to as posed, are sessions at the photographer's studio with studio lighting, backdrops and props. The goal of posed newborn photography is to keep the baby asleep throughout the entire session to get sweet, sleepy poses. Newborns are usually under two weeks old, which makes them easier to move and hold in poses. There is often a bigger emphasis on post-production, adding special effects to the photos. Studio photography tends to focus exclusively on the baby, and is limited in variety when adding other family members. The biggest benefit of studio photography is not having to worry about getting your home photo-ready in the first few weeks after giving birth.

What's Right for You

Only you can decide what works best for you. While some photographers do both styles, many specialize in one style vs. the other. At Meet the Nortons, we shoot exclusively lifestyle newborn photography in our clients' homes. We always include photos of the newborn alone, like in his or her crib or snuggled up on a bed, but we love to catch the in-between moments of new parents staring lovingly at their new baby. To us, lifestyle photos are timeless and will serve as beautiful memories for generations to come.

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